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    1. latinfut dice:

      What a game! Barcelona couldn’t score, let’s se next week! What are your predictions for next game?

      1. Well It really depends on what Happen to El Classico this weekend. Both teams lost and another lost in this weekend’s liga, could ruin next week’s for either one. We just have to wait and see since there is so much on the line.

      2. latinfut dice:

        You’re right! This Saturday It’s going to be crucial for both teams. I think Barcelona is going to win this Saturday! 2-1

      3. Well, it’s not going to be ez with Real playing with a chip on its shoulder. This game will be a season decider for both teams and we know when the season is on the line, we will be in for some great excitements, lots of theatrics and outrageous statements. I’m already feeling the pressure. Yiiiiiiikkkkeesssss! 🙂

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